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What are immunoglobulins

Description: Immunoglobulins are antibodies that are found in blood.
Produced by the body’s immune system to fight infections caused by bacteria and viruses.
If the patient is low in these immunoglobulins they may not be able to fight infection.

SCIg is an immunoglobulin therapy that is used to increase and correct low levels of immunoglobulins in the blood.
By injecting SCIg products at regular weekly intervals the patient’s immunoglobulin levels should remain stable and infection rates should be reduced.

Equipments: Samples of devices used as listed on this page. The most cost-effective pump is the EMED SCIg 60 infuser, which is a non-electronic TGA-registered pump that is sturdy, robust and accurate without the need for yearly calibration.

The pump is used with a SAF-Q needle and a initially Versa-rate flow plus control tubing to deliver the infusion at an appropriate rate (start at open and use control dial to slow rate if not tolerated).

The EMED pump should be cleaned according to work cleaning instructions for the SCIg 60 infuser.

Infusion Sites

Infusion Sites

SCIg may be administered at a number of possible sites according to patient preference. Usually the lower abdomen will be used. Ensure selected site is at least 5cms from umbilicus “belly button”. The outer edge of the thigh or back of the upper arm can also be used. The shaded areas can be used for insertion of the needle.

NB: Rotation of infusion sites is not recommended. Using the same site for infusion can help to reduce the amount of swelling and redness that may occur post infusion. Avoid areas of rash, bruising, irritation.

Our trained SCIG provider can educate, demonstrate and/or give you SCIG as per guidelines and requirements , you will be provided with all necessary information required for SCIG. We are also able to provide other Immunizations and IV antibiotics.